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Create and Share Your Dream Kits with FIFA Kit Creator Mod APK

Hello buddies, i will show you how to create custom kit for fifa 14. you can do this for fifa 13 until fifa 21 kit pcWhat you need? you just need to create kit with fifa kit creator from fifa 21 > then convert it to fifa 14 kitTutorial? watch on my youtube: debuddi*Important Stuff*FIFA 21 Kit Creator: Sample Kit FIFA 14: FIFA Career Mode & Tutorial Videos, subscribe

fifa kit creator mod apk

what a time to be alive! @wfm18 @kitcreator it's not perfect yet but I've adapted @DokteurHaisse 3d-to-2d photoshop script to produce FC12 and PR kits as well as kit backs (to have nicer lookingkits in player overview and tactics screens) it would be dope if right there in the fmkitcreator app you could pick the style of 2d kit you wanted too

This means to import a kit you only need to extract it inside the graphics folder and then reload the skin ingame. Much better already and we're hopeful to add a team search in there, too, so you don't have to look up the ID outside the creator first.

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