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Mandarin Chinese Lessons With Serge Melnyk Pdf Download

You are about to download situational, practical and easy to follow Mandarin Chinese audio lessons for absolute beginners! Every audio lesson in this course comes with a complete PDF transcript, stand alone audio dialogue and a review worksheet.

Mandarin Chinese Lessons With Serge Melnyk Pdf Download

You can download and take these Chinese lessons with you to study anytime, at any place convenient for you. For example, many of the students find it convenient to study in the car when commuting to work or school or when working out in a gym.

Nihao and Welcome!You are about to sign up and download theme-based, progressive, and easy to learn Mandarin Chinese audio course for beginners and intermediate level learners.Each lesson in this course comes with a complete PDF transcript in simplified and traditional Chinese characters, and additional audio dialogues ( several extra dialogues for each lesson ).You can bring this Mandarin Chinese course with you to study any time, at any place you you like.For example, some people study in their car when commuting to work or school, some love listening to the lessons in the gym, etc.We will help you develop communicative ability in Mandarin Chinese by learning real-life situational dialogues, practical vocabulary, language grammar structures and functions, and related cultural background.This app requires subscription in order to access ALL Lessons. You will be able to subscribe by using the in-app purchase feature inside the app. Please press on the subscribe button to learn more.Terms&Conditions:

This Chinese learning platform focuses on audio lessons. You can practice all kinds of situational scenarios and dialogues, such as practical vocabulary, grammer, and even some cultural background by listening to this full package! The best thing about this platform is that it can be downloaded and taken with you wherever you go. This tool allows you to make the best use of your time to learn Chinese anytime and anywhere, whether you are commuting, working, or at the gym!


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